Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Barrel 27

2004 Barrel 27 Syrah Paso Robles ($18 est) -- Today for some reason a few bottles showed up at the shop after a discussion with a California winemaker. I am not saying who or why because I don't want to get anyone in trouble due to the antiquated shipping and distribution rules in some parts of the country.

I had no idea what this wine costs in Ohio and still don't, but a little research gave up the fact that it is under $20. After tasting I was figuring it was a small block/barrel reserve Syrah from Henry Story for about $40. For Superbowl Sunday I had enjoyed a bottle of 1999 Terra Rouge Ascent, which I consider the best Syrah in California, and this wine reminded me of the Ascent. (The Ascent clocks in at about $80.) The huge aromas and soft fruit were there. Of course, the aromas of the Ascent filled the room but the Barrel 27 was close.

Production notes are scarce (and I didn't wait for the email response from the winemaker) but this is a beautiful, big, soft, lush Syrah with balance and a lingering finish, and it got better after being opened an hour.

I heard this wine is scarce in California, but I hope we can get a few cases thrown our way next year!


Anonymous wineguy said...

Looks to me as though he makes wine at the Sant Maria Wine Warehouse, even though he shows a San Luis Obispo address. I will look into this guy a little further. Thanks for the tip!

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Felicia said...

Good Day! I recently went to a wine bar in Mammoth, California. Called the Sidedoor. They serverd both these wines Henry's Story and Barrel 27, and they were fabulous! Hidden treasures! I have been searching everywhere to purchase a few bottles of both. If you can locate where to purchase please let us know! we would love to have a few bottles,

5:45 PM  

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