Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ham Bone is Connected to the...

For some reason I have been sucked into the world of new recipes, fine dining and travel. So who's complaining. On a very cold Winter day I thawed the car out, headed to Fresh Market and dragged back enough food to make lunch today and have a hearty soup that will last through 7+ hours of Playoff NFL TV coverage this Sunday. Just need to pick up a baguette.

Had a 'Teapot' mussel lunch with a great wine pairing while I toiled away building the soup with what to me are some new ingredients. And thanks to Hyde Park Meats for the free ham bone. I promise to stop in more often to support you.

I followed the recipe as religiously as I could but when vinegar was called for, I poured wine in. My bad! And a little cayenne pepper lets me keep the thermostat at 68 in the house. I can't tell you how well it turned out critically but it will be gone by the time, and I HATE saying this, the Steelers roll into another Superbowl. (This is actually an easy call as I will root for the Steelers before the Jets any day.) But the game to watch is the Bears v. Packers. Should be a classic. But back to the soup. Early indicators are very positive.

So below is the evidence of where I've come from in a year. Thanks to Paris. And if you're nice you can use my new knife but be careful as it is wicked sharp.


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