Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Furror in the Food Blogsphere

And I thought the Wine Blog world was tough what with trademark infringement issues, and lack of Blogger support, but the Foodies are all riled up over some chef who sent a Food Blogger a cease and desist letter because he took some photos of his meal and posted a review. Not a good move for the chef and the restaurant, Buck's Fishing and Camping in Washington DC. It does bring up possible issues with wine reviews by Wine Bloggers. Imagine getting a cease and desist because some Winery doesn't like your write up. Very interesting!

On the other hand, they might like the positive exposure as in this story about Stormhoek.

Thanks to Beau at Basic Juice for the report!

(PS: Jason at D.C. Foodies has pulled the post due to all the fuss after he posted the letter he got from the restaurant's attorney. I can understand his rational in protecting the innocent, but I thought that it was a good example of the new reality of bloggers and their impact. I am not sure what I would have done in his place.)


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