Friday, February 10, 2006

To Remember Peel Here

2005 Houghton Chardonnay Western Australia ($14) -- I think this is an import only US wine from the Houghton Wine group of Australia. Besides the clean, not-over-oaked flavors, what I thought was brilliant is that on the back label above the bar code, next to the pregnancy warning, was a 1 inch square that peeled off with the brand name of the wine with a tab labelled "To Remember Peel Here".

I cannot tell you how many customers walk in asking me to help them find that great wine they had last night, you know the red wine with the white label, you know it had an animal, or something on the front, you know what wine I'm talking about?


A peel-off ID sticker on the back!



Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

PS: Like the fancy price stickers on the bar code! If you want to have some real fun next time you are in Florida bring a sharpie and fill in some of the spaces in the bar codes on the car passes for the high-end condos in Bar Harbor. The residents will go nuts trying to figure out why the automatic gates won't open! Remember you never heard it here!

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