Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ohio and Kentucky Wine Laws

I missed this article in the Cincinnati Post about the current situation of wine shipping and distribution on both sides of the river. And I applaud the final paragraph:

That's just wrong. Small wineries should be free to ship their product themselves, and price it as they see fit. And customers should be able to buy from them as well, either on location or via a catalog or the Internet. It's not the business of government to artificially inflate the price of consumer goods.

It is also interesting to me about the discussion on the history of winemaking in Ohio as my wife is related to Nicholas Longworth (don't ask me how unless you have a very large chalk board to diagram the family tree!) and we live on some old family property where the vineyards used to be. However, I am not a huge fan of Sparkling Pink Catawba, so I am breaking with family tradition on that topic.

Thanks to Mark Fischer at Uncorked for the lead.


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