Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Security System

I have decided to upgrade my shop security system in light of the bulging holiday inventory levels. Motion detectors are fine and good but there's nothing like parking a WWII tank in your parking lot to let potential thieves know that there are easier marks down the street.

The tank is actually getting a little tune up by the mechanics in the back. The owner says it's missing when he hits 50 mph. (It's powered by a Jag motor.) This tank got some press a few years ago when the owner was stopped by police when he went through a Frisch's drivethru. The owner also did a hard 15 when he was convicted for roughing up some vandals in his scrapyard. Two went to the hospital, one went to the morgue.

So don't even think about breaking in here for some aged Bordeaux!


Blogger JenC said...

Yens, Thank God for the new security! When I was in there today and saw the inventory I was really worried for you and myself when I call on you. Maybe you should invest in another. General Patton would be proud! JenC

12:01 AM  

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