Monday, January 29, 2007

The Port Club Annual Meeting

Last Saturday (or maybe it was two Saturdays ago as I am still recouping) a bunch of guys got together to share some Port and bad jokes. After steak dinners and copious amounts of wine ( I did manage to miss out on the mag of Hundred Acre and the El Nido as I was at the wrong table), the boys dove into the Port. Besides these beauties, there was also a Grahams 40 year-old Tawny.

The 1980 was tight and might never achieve the greatness of the 1977 or 1966. The 1977 was going strong with lots of intense fruit and has many years left. The 1966 was stunning with a huge aromatic nose that lit up the room (I almost skipped dinner to dive in early!) and very long finish. Nuanced, elegant, complex, etc., etc,! Unfortunately there are few bottles left and they go for $275 a piece.


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