Monday, December 06, 2010

Thank God It Was Blacked Out

I am so glad I didn't get to watch the game given how it ended. I can't afford to buy a new TV and no doubt something would have been hurled at the offending instrument.

And now I get to read in the New York Times how incompetent we are, but of course I don't need to read the Times to figure that out.

Nice coverage (no, not the photo):

[Who would fall for it?

The Bengals.

Brees did a solid acting job, moving around the backfield like he was orchestrating a play, then going under center to start his cadence as if he were going to take a snap. Lineman Pat Sims fell for it, jumping offside.


"In my 10 years (in the NFL), this is the first time that play has ever worked," fullback Heath Evans said. "It doesn't work too often."]

So the only reason to ever go back into the Stadium would be the off chance to see if this fan returns as I always have my camera with me.