Sunday, January 30, 2011

Phil's Fish Market & Eatery

In Moss Landing just north of Monterey over the harbor bridge amongst the commercial boat operations is Phil's Fish Market and Eatery. Park down the street as the parking lot is full and as you walk in there are vintage cars and serious Harleys with gorilla handlebars and you are reminded that yes, you are definitely back in California.

The line inside is long as you wait to place your order. I was waved off the chowder as it was reported to be thin and floury and went for the Halibut fish and chips and an Anchor Steam draft (1 of 8 choices). The specialty of the house is Cioppino, a cacophony of sea food in a tomato-based broth with a touch of heat and garlic served in a monstrous bowl.

After placing the order you walk to the bar past the grizzled bikers, trying not to bump anyone and starting a melee, and get your drafts and then walk around to find a table where the food will arrive in 20 minutes.

I've had better fish and chips but the Cioppino was great and the overall ambiance and value are worth recommending. And as you will most likely share a table it was very pleasant to strike up a conversation with the two private school teachers next to us. And on the drive out you can pull into the parking lot and buy 3 live crabs for $25 off Sully's boat for the dinner that night but be sure to wrap them tightly in the bag or they will be crawling all over your back seat.


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