Monday, January 16, 2012

Another New Beginning

My last post was in March in Paris last year, and since then much has changed. The second restaurant is in the works and I now am sharing a studio at the Pendleton Art Center with Kay Hurley. At least one person likes my work.

I have an opening, my first, January 27th at PAC Gallery in East Walnut Hills with a new series and a departure from my old work. "Through the Windshield: OTR" is about seeing beauty everywhere you go even when lost, and about always having a camera with you, even on a rainy day in December when the lighting is bad and you are driving to work.

So I will still post about travels and fine dining (or not so fine dining), but the focus is now on photos, and art, and beauty. Which I see every day. Right here in my backyard, and out the window, and inside my house. Especially inside my house.


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