Thursday, February 17, 2011

L' Avant Comptoir - Redux

On my first day in Paris after the red-eye from CVG, I am hungry and thirsty and fatigued and a bit spaced out and a sommelier/friend from some fancy LA restaurant wants to hit L'Avant one more time before heading home. No problem, so we hit it hard for my first time this trip, the first of many as I average about 3 stops per week here.

I will spare you the adjectives. Just go. But it's always crowded so be prepared to get jostled, and chatted up by the other ex-pat fanatics. Maybe you will hear a story of the best 'couscous' restaurant in Paris run by some 90 year-old man who will only let you in his secret location if he knows you and likes you. A 'couscous' speakeasy. We're not in Cincinnati anymore.

And as the sun burns through the morning fog we walk a dozen blocks to window shop and check out the liquor store across the street (all three levels) and then catch the bus home for those that like the street views. I'm an underground Metro kind of guy but I get vetoed all the time. Better to follow sometimes, and not lead especially if someone else is holding the tokens.


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