Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nectar -- Sunday Brunch

There have been a fair amount of conversations around these parts that there is no fine dining left in the Hyde Park area, the Square in particular. I wouldn't want to get in that debate as I am not partial because, as they say, I have a horse in this race.

But on Sunday the choice for a great meal in a quiet setting is simple. I drive by the Square and head to Mount Lookout. Annabels has a line out the door, and is very good, but Nectar is my first choice.

Julie Francis is one of the best chefs in town and is often ranked in the Top Ten by food critics, and by anyone who knows good food in this town. She is a strong proponent of farm to table and using seasonal, local ingredients.

And I would have said that even if she hadn't been so nice to send out a treat. I need to use that Birthday line more often. But really, my Birthday is on the 24th and I will be out of town for her Dinner Series featuring chocolate. Sign up as reservations are required and it sells out.

So this is the Carnitas and fruit side which has blood oranges which I love. I am on the look out for Blood Orange juice as it is my new favorite breakfast drink. The treat was a chocolate mouse and banana gelato topped with blood oranges. I love blood oranges.


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