Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday -- Chili in Cincinnati

Well, not the weather, as it hit the 50s today with sunshine.

Today we make Chili on Sunday after some yard work, and yes some putting practice until the birds chased me away as they were hungry to get at the feeder. It's hard to concentrate on draining 20 footers when they are chatting away. They won, but I'm coming back in two hours so they had better eat up.

If you want the recipe just get it here. No, there is no spaghetti in this version even if I have lived in Cincinnati for 35 years and there have been a few changes to the recipe recently due to new culinary skills and sensibilities. More organic, even if in a can, and the minced garlic hit the trash this morning. One day I will try fresh kidney beans and diced tomatoes, but today I am saving time to pack for the next trip. Searing the meat on high heat in the Lodge Pot first seems like a good idea, and then adding the other grilled vegetables and let them all blend together in their own juices before adding the beans, tomatoes and liquids makes sense. And then add spices. Sounds like a plan.

The new secret ingredients are bacon and sage (but lightly on the sage), and with the new stereo in the kitchen I recommend Little Feat - Dixie Chicken. But it should be 'live' with Lowell Thomas George, RIP. There are more complete versions of this song and this song cuts out before he is done (like his life was). After 1979, 'Little Feat' died.

'Fat Man in the Bathtub' will work in a pinch.

Oh, if anyone has been to 'Jens Bar & Grill' in West Chester, let me know. If they are using my name, it had better be good! (That obscure reference came up as I was Googling my original recipe.)

The plating ideas were not mine, but were inspired by something I saw on the Food Network. I'm not saying it was Rachel Ray. I'm just not saying. Personally, I like a large bowl with freshly grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream.


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