Thursday, January 12, 2006

Balnaves of Coonawarra

1998 Balnaves, Cabernet Merlot ($25) -- AUS -- In a recent warehouse walk-about I pulled this bottle to sample as a vintage close-out. 81% Cab, 19% Merlot. I enjoy an aged Red as long as you don't wait too long. I have a few in inventory that need to go now as they have crested in drinkabilty and are beginning that slow slide to eventual oxidized Sherry. (Note to self, don't buy cases of wine at some charity auctions as this is where all old wines go!)

This wine has aged well and will hold for several years more as there is plenty of fruit and the color is still dark red without any tell-tall browning. The cork is in good condition with only slight staining at the tip. The nose is a bit closed but there are full dark fruit flavors with settled tannins and a medium finish. I am waiting for the final pricing on the balance of the inventory.


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