Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finca Luzon Verde - Don't Panic It's Organic

2004 Finca Luzon Verde ($8) -- Jumilla, SP. Yes another Jorge Ordonez selection. I want to thank Water into Wino , who reviewed this wine recently in December, for bringing it to my attention. (Also, thanks for the photo. I promise to return it as soon as I unpack my new Pentax istDL and figure out how to use it.)

Before Christmas I made a New Year's Resolution to try the Luzon. The sample just arrived and after tasting, a shipment of 10 cases is on the way to the shop. It is 100% Monastrell and got a solid 89 rating from Parker. Beside that, it's a great everyday wine with a dark aroma, full fresh fruit flavors and a medium finish. The Vina Alarba OVG is another great value wine, but I would prefer the Luzon as it is bigger. Great for winter sipping and should go well with foods.

The name "Verde" is not because the wine is green, but because the grapes are organic. Don't shy away from this wine because of the "organic label". This is the real deal! Dig in!


Anonymous WaterintoWino said...

Thanks for the plug, I agree that I'd rather have the Luzon. This bottle makes a great table wine though. The $11 altos de luzon bargain inspired me to drink another at 11am on sunday before football. Wish I would have kept my 2002 for a vertical tasting.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Clifford said...

Why would someone "shy away" from an organic label??? Wines developed using organic and sustainable agriculture are worth seeking out and supporting. If I see "Organic" on the label I am twice as likely to buy the wine!

9:37 AM  

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