Friday, March 10, 2006

The Phantom Was Here - I Think

2003 Bogle Phantom ($19) -- My allotment of five cases arrived a week early. Bogle is a 750,000 case producer of very good super-market wine, but the Phantom is their special cuvee. I heard that production is up from last year as more wine is available this year in Ohio, but this wine sells out every year and then it is gone. (I do have a few half-bottles of the 2002.) If you want some, act quickly. I am taking a case home tonight.

This year the blend is Petite Sirah from Clarksburg (59%), Zinfandel from Lodi/Amador (39%) and Mourvedre from Oakley (2%). (I am guessing that's Oakley, California, not Ohio although Oakley has gotten pretty hot lately!) The wine spends 20 months in American oak.

When first opened, the nose is a meduim complex dark fruit aroma, the taste is intense and a bit tannic. After 20 minutes the complex flavors emerge. The Phantom is back! Decant this wine if you want to drink it now or lay this bottle down for a few years. It will only get better.


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