Thursday, February 08, 2007


When the cork is pushed out more than half way, we have a problem. This is how the wines arrived after I removed the capsules. One of the bottles had even leaked.

This is why it is wise not to have your wine shipped in winter when it is 10 degrees. When FedEx showed up today to drop off a few deliveries, the driver laughed and said, "Oh, you're open today!" The last two days have been Snow Days here in Cincinnati with 6 inches of snow and lows of 6 degrees.

So my wine shipments have been hanging out in the back of a FedEx truck for two days. Ouch!!

The guys at took care of this within hours of being notified as they offered full credit for the damaged goods.

Next time, wait till Spring to load up on those wine bargains from out of state! One Chicago shipper offered to hold off until Spring to ship as did J K Carriere from Oregon.


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