Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Best Place in Paris

The best place to eat in Paris, and there are many truly outstanding restaurants and bistros that have an international following with prices and attitude to match, is often the corner bistro in about every neighborhood. I love it that you can pop in any one out of hundreds and have a wonderful meal that is not too expensive and finish it off with a little espresso, maybe a Calvados and something sweet.

This dessert is from, if I can remember correctly, the little cafe on Commerce around the corner from my apartment. Steak frite or the grilled salmon are just fine and the dessert is perfect for someone who can't make up their mind and wants to share. Because the best place to eat in Paris is not about the "best" food, it's about spending time with your "best" friends. My favorite meals have been because of the company and not the cuisine. And with some people I have never had a bad meal. I've had terrible service and questionable foods which make for great conversations as we laugh it off and roll our eyes, but never a bad meal. Never.

Bon Appetit!