Monday, December 06, 2010

Domaine Rostaing - Update

I have said before that Cincinnati is a bit of a village. I love it as it is home with friends and family and has one major league team (sorry Bengal fans), but it is a smaller Midwestern town.

Having said that, there are some benefits to living here. It's all about connections. We now have Cote - Rotie in the cellar. And it wasn't 184 euros ($250). And if I wanted I could have taken down more than 6 bottles.

Speaking of value, and it may seem that $250 is over the top, but you can't compare this to an everyday $40 Napa Cab. This is on the same level as First Growth, allocated Napa cult wines, the best of the best. The value in wine today is Northern Rhone. Top-line Bordeaux and Burgundies have been priced to absurd levels due to Far Eastern demand. It will only get worse. And in my opinion the Northern Rhone (and of course the Southern Rhone) are the best food wines. The tourists drink Bordeaux and uber-expensive Burgundies (although if you want to lay a DRC on me, I'm not going to object); the locals drink Rhone, and then order another bottle.

OK, enough talk, I've got to find my corkscrew.