Monday, January 16, 2006

Wine Wars

Mark at "Uncorked" and the Dayton Daily News wrote an article for the Sunday paper on the skirmishes in Ohio over the wholesale franchise rules. On one side is a coalition that is led by Glazers, a national wholesaler who wants to break up the local franchise regulations, and on the other side stand the local wholesalers. This should be a real cat fight!

Other states, Washington and Illinois, are also debating some of these issues which includes direct shipping, minimum mark-ups, and national distribution rights. For more information, read Free the Grapes and Tom at Fermentation. There is much smoke in some of the arguments (lower prices, minors buying wine over the Internet) and the debate will be lively. Stay tuned!


Anonymous ELK RIDER said...

I just finished a cover letter for my resume to Glazer's but I guess I better write one to Wal-Mart as well!

7:59 AM  

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