Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Smoke Free Ohio

Wednesday, December 6th is the last day to light up at your favorite bar and restaurant in Ohio. As one who loves to enjoy a glass of good wine and appetizers at the local restaurants, where I usually sit at the bar catching up on the latest restaurant gossip, I say, FINALLY!

Now, I enjoy a good cigar as much as anybody, but mostly I sit outside in the warmer months and don't bother anybody with plumes of Cuban aromas. But there is nothing worse than trying to pick out aromatic nuances of a fine Bordeaux or Rioja at the bar if there is a chain smoking chimney next door.

The feedback I get from the servers is mostly positive as they won't have to wash their clothes every night, not to mention their lungs. And for every pissed off smoker who won't be able to light up and pollute the entire bar, there are two non-smokers who can't wait to go out and not smell like an ashtray the next day.

So enjoy Wednesday night as you light up one more final time. On Thursday night and every day afterwards, I will enjoy a smoke free evening. I may even visit a few bowling alleys now that I will be able to see the pins through the haze!


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