Friday, December 31, 2010

Mini Palais, Paris

Stopped in for a quick drink to scout the space out, but didn't taste the food so I will go back. Speaking of space out, the server who took care of us was lost, several times, and when asked by the table next to us for a wine suggestion by the sommelier, was told that he's eating dinner presently. Yes, the staff were having their pre-service meal across the room 30 steps away, but how long does it take to jump over and make a suggestion. Two minutes? As a customer, I hate the word 'no'. Because my response to a restaurant that tells me 'no' too often, when asked if I will return, is 'NO'!

I hope this doesn't portend to the level of service here as I have heard good reviews about this restaurant. And the space IS stunning, although I can't say it's one of Paris' most beautiful, and I heard it was a year in the making. (As an owner, that sends shudders down my spine, all the way to my checkbook!) I do, however, look forward to sitting on the balcony in warm weather and taking in the sights outside and staring at Winston Churchill's statue.

So, will I give it a second chance? YES! But just once, so the service better have improved. There are way too many options in this city to waste money on an inferior product.


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