Wednesday, December 22, 2010

La Mexicana in Newport

Sometimes you don't have to go to CVG to travel. If you want an authentic Mexican meal head to Newport, Kentucky to La Mexicana on Monmouth between 6th and 7th. It's the real deal and a perfect warm up for "True Grit" but I limited myself to only one cerveza as too many beers during the show leads to a few pit stops and the big screen doesn't have a pause button.

I can't say it's the "best or premiere" Mexican restaurant in town because I haven't tried them all so that would be a lie. But it's the best so far for me and it will due until the next best one comes along.

I have been to the worst recently in Hyde Park and walked out after throwing down $15 for half-eaten enchiladas that tasted like dog food mixed with crumbs topped with Velveeta. It was that bad.

But La Mexicana is great and I will return. Plus the neighborhood is quaint and didn't the Brass Ass used to be a dive strip club. My memories have faded but I think I went there back in the 80s for a bachelor party but we all got thrown out when the six of us put paper bags on our head during the show for some reason. We thought it was funny but management didn't. I think the girls were offended but they shouldn't have been given their muscle tone. Or did that happen in "Hangover"?