Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Death Black Swan

The 'white death' in Cincinnati means an inch or two of slippery snow and shear panic to drive the hills. The milk and batteries are swept from the shelves at the local groceries and schools are delayed for 90 minutes, precisely. Life goes on and everyone gets to where they are going eventually.

'Black Swan' is a compelling psychological thriller with an amazing performance by Natalie Portman, who has lived and visited in Cincinnati, but left before she could drive. The plot is non-linear and for most the ending will not be pleasing, but enjoy the ride, like taking a detour on the way home and finding an open parking lot at the country club and letting the car drift into four wheel slides.

The movie is a classic and will need to be viewed many times to be comprehended but the performance is riveting. The drive home was fun too and from now on sitting in the back of the Esquire with conspiratorial conversations with good friends and contraband half-bottles of wine will be de-rigueur. And yes the Champagne/buttered popcorn/chocolate pairing does work. But try it yourself and see the movie to get your own opinions.

And it has been suggested that the little pig outside who is wet and cold should come inside for the winter, and I agree. Pardon granted.