Monday, December 13, 2010


Life is about detours some days. You start out with the idea of having a lunch party at a good restaurant with 4 bottles of great wine to celebrate the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another, but only one friend shows as the others have plans, and then he has to go work-out, so then suddenly you find yourself heading down the highway to find some 'entertainment' in Kentucky, but the place just lost their liquor license, the heat's off and the girls are late. Bummer.

So at least the cigars are good but the Corona sucks and 90 minutes later there is still no show and the audience is getting restless. And the thought of a $100 shower dance in a 55 degree barn is not the original vision of how the day would go when you awoke two hours before sunrise.

So whenever you hit a roadblock, get out the map. You get back on the road and head home to a warm meal with your friends and family, break out the 95 Cos D' Estournel and relax by the fire. And light up one more cigar.