Saturday, December 11, 2010

Willi's Wine Bar

Willi's Wine Bar has been open since 1980 and is well known for their fine wine selections of local, small producers and a smattering of offerings from all over the world, but a well-kept secret to many travelers (but not the local ex-pats) is that the food is great. I have had several wonderful meals there and even more fun is the piercing dry wit of the proprietor, Mark Williamson.

He somehow got lost in Paris years ago, having washed up from England, landed in Steven Spurrier's (of 'Paris Wine Tasting of 1976' fame) wine shop before opening his own place. So he knows his wines and knows a few good stories.

So stop in for the wine, stay for the food and don't forget to buy a poster on the way out. And if you are still hungry and want to enjoy another great meal stop in to Maceo just a few doors down. Mark runs this operation also and it is a 'real' restaurant with comfortable chairs, extensive wine list and great food. I will review it at a later date after I finish hanging my posters from Willi's.