Friday, March 17, 2006

Low Carb Wines -- RIP

2002 One.9 Merlot & 2003 One.6 Chardonnay -- Last week the local distributor was blowing out the remnants of this foray into "low carb" wine. I picked up a few cases for sale at $30 a case as a lark. That's Two Buck Chuck pricing! Originally these wines sold for $10 retail per bottle.

These wines were made at Brown-Forman's Valley Oak winery in Hopeland, Mendocino County. More than 200,000 cases were ordered within two weeks of the product announcement, but now production has ceased.

Some wine reviewers gave the wines some passing marks when tasted blind. One reviewer guessed that the dry, tart style (necessary to get the low carb/low sugar levels) might not play well to the American palate that talks "dry", but likes "sweet".

I have not tasted these wines (and am pretty backed up with wine samples so it may be a few weeks or so before I get around to sampling), so I have no tasting notes. One customer grabbed a couple cases for a party he is throwing.

If I get the invite, I will be BYOB'ing!


Anonymous Justin said...

I'm not sure I ever really understood the concept of "low-carb" wine to begin with. All dry wines are inherently low-carb and alcohol intake is really only even *allegedly* a problem if one is in the early ketosis stages of a low-carb diet.

I have lost more than 90 pounds in the past 18 months on a low-carb diet and my consumption of wine has been substantial over that entire timeframe. Not one of those wine labels contained the phrase "low-carb."

5:19 PM  
Blogger Jathan said...

Most of the products that were born along with the Atkins revolution have phased out along with that fad of a diet. I 'm not saying it didn't work for some, as Justin is an example, but there was way too much hype with it, people tried it for a while, then went back to their old eating habits. This wine was a lame attempt to jump on the bandwagon; this end was inevitable.

6:52 PM  

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