Friday, April 14, 2006

Winemakers Golf Challenge

You might have a hard time reading this scorecard but it shows I kicked Jeff's butt (well, 41 to 43), so he lost the "Winemakers Golf Challenge". We stopped after nine due to time constraints and because he finally figured out his swing problem and came within inches of birdieing the 432 yard par four 9th hole. So I decided it was time to stop. The bet was that if he beat me in a nine hole contest, then I have to buy 10 cases of his wine.

I did buy lunch and he did enjoy the outing this morning. We sampled his newly released 2003 Jarvis Tomei Syrah. I had tasted last year after a few months of bottling, and must say that it is tasting great as it matures with bottle age. What impresses me most is the fresh fruit flavors and big aromas plus a long finish. Twenty six-packs are on their way from California. Get in line!

And all winemakers are welcome to take a crack at the "Winemakers Golf Challenge".


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