Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wine Journal Goes Mainstream

I am usually the last one to learn anything, and I am sure this was noted earlier, but congratulations to Neal Martin at Wine-Journal on getting picked up by Robert Parker as a full-time writer. I often use Neal's site to research old Bordeaux and am amazed by the quantity and quality of the Tasting Notes on back vintages from just about every major Chateau.

I look forward to seeing his material on the new site, but will probably now have to pay for it. I think Parker with this move, in addition to picking up David Schildknecht (from Cincinnati no less), is getting ready to make a bold move with his website.


Blogger jens at cincinnati wine said...

Sad to say that Neal's blog and all his Bordeaux wine reviews are now part of Parker's site and require a subscription, so all my links to his thorough notes are "busted".

11:56 PM  

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