Thursday, July 06, 2006

WBW #23 - BBQ Wines

This month's theme, hosted by Vivi's Wine Journal, is BBQ wines. I don't have the grill fired up right now as I review this wine, but my opinion is that when it is 90 degrees here in Ohio with 90% humidity, any wine will do and the old rules of red wine with red meat are out. So here is my selection.

2005 Penner-Ash Roseo ($20) -- Oregon pink, pink wine, a cheeky blend of hand-sorted Pinot noir. I found this wine on my recent trip to Oregon at the cellar door. It is not available in Ohio. Serve chilled. Perfect for a hot day. Complexity, medium finish, lots of fruit. Dry. Did I mention it was chilled!

PS: I love Vivi's picture as it reminds me of many of my BBQ parties! I think our friend should have stayed with the Roseo and skipped the Coronas. Beer always makes me sleepy too during the day! But her attire is perfect for a hot Ohio summer picnic!