Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PAC Gallery - Through the Windshield: OTR

Friday, January 27, 5-9 pm

Opening Reception for

Through the Windshield: OTR

PAC GALLERY will have complimentary valet parking and
food and beverages will be provided by Django Western Taco

Jens Rosenkrantz Jr is an avid photographer with a passion for discovering beauty in unexpected places. Rosenkrantz was born in Boston and raised in Denver and Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, he relocated to Cincinnati, his grandmother's hometown.

"Uncluttered and unfettered from art classes and technical camera skills I look for the beauty of the everyday wherever I am whether it's Europe, San Francisco, Miami, Charleston, or Downtown Cincinnati," says Rosenkrantz, "There is beauty everywhere, even when taking a wrong turn on a rainy day and getting lost in OTR. "

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another New Beginning

My last post was in March in Paris last year, and since then much has changed. The second restaurant is in the works and I now am sharing a studio at the Pendleton Art Center with Kay Hurley. At least one person likes my work.

I have an opening, my first, January 27th at PAC Gallery in East Walnut Hills with a new series and a departure from my old work. "Through the Windshield: OTR" is about seeing beauty everywhere you go even when lost, and about always having a camera with you, even on a rainy day in December when the lighting is bad and you are driving to work.

So I will still post about travels and fine dining (or not so fine dining), but the focus is now on photos, and art, and beauty. Which I see every day. Right here in my backyard, and out the window, and inside my house. Especially inside my house.