Friday, December 03, 2010

2007 Domaine Rostaing Cote Rotie, Cote Blonde

I have two tips for knowing whether a wine is great. First, the aroma hits your nose about one foot out before you bring the glass to your nose. Second, the last glass in the bottle is the best.

The 2007 does both. Had this at Le Villaret in the 11th in Paris for lunch. Stunning with notes of violet, lavender, dried mushroom and a very long finish. Not cheap at 184 euros. The server smiled as we ordered and said it is one of her favorites and they only got 6 bottles on allocation.

If you are not heading to Paris in the near future, head down to La Poste, we have two bottles of Rostaing Cote Rotie and I am not allowed to order as they are saved for the guests. The price is less than 184 euros or dollars.

It's About Time

Now that this is going to get straightened out and justice is served, they can turn their attention to finding Jimmy Hoffa.

Best damn steak knives

I love the steak knives at La Poste and have ordered some for the house (Bryant has the inventory system dialed in pretty tight so if 12 "went missing", he would know), but overall Laguiole is the best. You see imitations all over town but get the real ones. Bone handle go for about $60. I like the folding ones as you can take them to your favorite restaurant in case they're still using the chop house kind.

New name -- same game

I have decided to crank the blog up again to cover my travels in wine country and a few international food hotspots. With an occasional irreverent opinion from left field and a digital camera, we got it covered.

I'm on Facebook too but it doesn't offer enough features and sometimes I like to ramble for more than 420 words and one picture can't tell the whole story.

So stay tuned for more frequent posts and I have a lot of catching up to do. Got to take advantage of my Silver Elite status at Delta.

Time to gas up the car!

In the 19th century, there were three oyster capitals in the world: Paris, London and New York. Although fabulous oysters are still served in London and New York, these two grand cities have since lost their prestigious titles as oyster capitals of the world. Paris has not. To this day, this city offers countless opportunities to enjoy oysters, be it in restaurants or from a side walk vendors. Some kind of dry white wine or Champagne is generally suggested as an accompaniment. The classics in Paris are oysters from legendary French oyster cultivation areas such as Cancale, Marennes-Oléron, and Arcachon. The coast of France also offers fantastic oyster experiences.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's a small world

People all the time in Cincinnati will say it's a "small world" when they bump into someone in town, but people we live in a village. I love the place but it's a small town.

It's a small world when you pop into an oil shop (not Jiffy Lube) on Rue Commerce in the 15th in Paris and bump into another Midwesterner (it's the accent or lack thereof) who is Christmas shopping.

"Where you from?"
"That's NOT a Kentucky accent."
"Well Cincinnati actually just south of the river"
"I'm from Cincinnati too! I'm heading home tomorrow."
"On the 10:30am direct flight?"
"See you tomorrow, I'll be your flight attendant."

That's a small world.

So we shopped for oil and then I helped her pick out some wines next door. She tried to get me upgraded to First Class, but it filled up last minute, and all the attendants knew the story. But the wine from First Class flowed for the entire flight and stemware smokes plastic any day. And thanks for the real headphones and dopp kit. See you at La Poste. First glass is on me.