Monday, January 24, 2011

Wine Cellar Spring Cleaning

Well it wasn't really spring and I didn't see any mops or brooms, but the point was to help clean out some old bottles cluttering up the cellar to make room for some new additions. And it wasn't even a cellar, but rather a walk-in closet off the study. Very smart use of some marginal space. It was however a great night of wine, food and great hospitality in Mt. Adams. Thank you for the invite.

You can call me back anytime to help clean up. Or pull some more corks. I think I earned my stripes when coaxing out some of those 1990 vintages when others were shredding those old corks.

And if you find that last bottle of 1996 Calon-Segur, let me know as it was in my opinion the star of the evening and would soar with a few hours of decanting.