Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Watcher by Fetish Wines

2004 Fetish "The Watcher" ($20) -- 100% Barossa Vally Shiraz. This wine is a proprietary brand by Joshua Tree Imports with Rolf Binder as winemaker. Rolf is involved with several brands, Veritas Winery, Magpie Estate and J.J. Hahn, and the first vintage of Two Hands, and has racked up rave reviews from many critics including three 99 point reviews by Parker.

This is Joshua Tree's second proprietary brand, the first being Razor's Edge.

The wine has complex fruit aromas, soft tannins and a long finish. No sharp edges here. We will have no problems finishing this sample off. It was also quite popular with the wine reps today.

I'm not sure of the brand theme here with Fetish and "The Watcher", but you should watch out for this wine when it hits your neighborhood fine wine store. I don't think you will see it at Kroger or Costco any time soon!